Top Ten Facts About Spyware

Unless you have been on another planet for the past five or six years have certainly heard of spyware and hope to guard against taking the PC to be infected. But you know that you take precautions to protect your system may be ineffective? Here are the Top Ten Facts About Spyware – some of them shock you!

by first subsequent verification of the average home PC in 30 pieces of spyware in 2006, security firm Webroot Software. The infection can range from the type of relatively harmless adware programs malicious system monitors and Trojans. Adware software installation programs that display advertisements. The system monitors much more malicious and track a computer user's Internet activity and capture personal information. Trojan Horse is the name of the malicious software which, although harmless on its own, paving the way for further malicious software to be installed. Webroot Software found that an average of 30 pieces of spyware would be at least one system monitors and Trojan horses one.

2. The identity can be a few mouse clicks away criminals. Spyware can collect and report all personal information, including credit card numbers, bank account information, user names and passwords. The Identity Theft Resource Center, 13.3 people in the US become a victim of identity theft every minute. While not all of these because of spyware, it is still a chilling thought that this could happen so easily if your computer is infected with this type of malware.

3. Spyware can slow down your computer. Each computer has a limited amount of system resources. Every time another software running on the computer's resources should be shared out more thinly. malware infections as a result of long boot times and overall slowdown in PC performance.

4. Spyware can dramatically slow down your Internet connection. Every time an Internet connection can transfer a limited amount of data. All of spyware on the Internet to communicate with the few available for Internet communications. The more spyware, the more Internet communication takes place, and the smaller space of the Internet connection for your use.

5. Spyware can turn you into a "spammer". Some spyware can download other software on your PC to relay spam. In some cases, this can lead to completely block the Internet connection if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) traces the occurrence of spam them.

6. Spyware is easy to install on your computer without your knowledge. In some cases, only a piece of Spyware can lead to many as the initial infection download and install other malware surreptitiously in the background.

7. Spyware allows hackers to control your PC. Some versions to install "backdoor" to your PC, allowing you to connect to someone outside of the PC over the Internet, and full control over its use. The PC then turned to the "zombie" to send spam, trojans and millions of computer viruses.

8. Some Spyware removal programs install spyware. Why would they do that? In order to hide his own software espionage. Think about it. Install an anti-spyware program to protect yourself against spyware. The fake anti-spyware program Spyware sweeps all the PC except that its secret list of allowed spy software. You think that is doing a great job and feel secure at all times while using the computer's secret spy software to send out spam or monitor the use looking for personal information. See list of fake spyware removal software.

9. The best anti-spyware program can only find 90% of spyware. Check out the review of anti-spyware software on any PC Magazine and you'll find that none of them will detect more than 90%, and most can not remove more than 80%. Do not be fooled by thinking you should not post any Anti-Spyware programs, 90% of all a whole lot better than 0%, the detection rate is not the Anti-Spyware program.

10. Many computer users can wipe the PC and reinstall everything back in order to get rid of Spyware system. Although this trick does not guard against re-infection or a waste of time and can lead to loss of important data. Once the system is back in use only a matter of minutes before the & # 39; re-infected (see BBC report said the "honeypot" on my website.)

Source by Tim Maguire

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