More and Virus Removal Pro is not easy – Here's Why

this of life is dramatically improved if taken into account the "Go To Guy" for everyone to call the moment of computers catch a viral infection?

Think that can remove spyware, rootkits, adware, viruses, Trojans, and any and all of your computer? Today could be your lucky day just like me a few tips that I want to share with you. These facts help you realize the importance of work, trial and error and the time required to become an expert in malware removal.

The following five skills MANDATORY for all those who have become virus removal pro

1) Recognizing that the best (and worst) antivirus software

learning to use the best and most efficient software when you remove the malware, one of the most important characteristics of a virus removal pro. A vital element is the removal of viruses pro to know what software to use to remove the malicious software. Not all antivirus software is created equal; there are precious few programs available that must be renewed (purchase) a year, even more of these programs are not as effective as some free software! In other words, that $ 50 antivirus software, which is a brand new box and roughly detects viruses only 3 out of 10 – to cripple the computer!

Norton Antivirus or McAfee, and Panda, or the most powerful solution that is not capable of removing any risk of infection from a computer (bet you did not know that)! In fact, not a particular software is fully effective in removing all infections on a computer. It is important to use a variety of software while scanning for malware and which software to use is a key to remove the virus guru.

2) The ability to educate users how to avoid infection (and how to get infected in the first place)

another capacity that has to be learned and taught as an expert, as people usually get infected in the first place! In other words, you need to pay attention to the different infections that are common to the present and not-too-distant past. Tracking various infections allows you to keep track of its infection method, or what caused the malware "out" or widespread. For example, the customer can not Click on the image to their e-mail? Did click the "infected pop-up" (to close)? Is that within the infected computer network?

He knew how to communicate with and educate the customer to prevent infection, a necessary skill that a lot of technicians and consultants do not study or practice. Because it is difficult to understand ( "geek speak"), rude, pushy, or a step in the wrong direction for anyone looking to be professional.

3) Learn that processes that are running Windows in the "normal" OS processes

In order to remove any and all PC malware, it is important to know what not to remove. To remove system files, folders or other important Windows files can cause the computer unreliable data loss and the worst case would deprive unbootable. It is extremely important to know which processes are running Windows applies processing.

This can be difficult to do it due to the fact that when the software is installed on your computer (or trusted or malicious), said software processes are running on Windows and depend on Windows hosts processed (for example, svchost .exe). One can identify which processes are running on Windows by default, and how to identify the processes that are harmful, it is one step closer to becoming an expert. Unfortunately, because of the large number of processes and executable files in Windows anytime (and changing the computer), it is best to learn this hands on experience.

4th) We know what to do when "you can not do anything else"

there comes a time for all viruses, if not allowed to install the software on any particular anti-virus software that will be used to remove the infection at hand. However, the firewall is disabled, Windows Security Center will stop the Internet connection can ban the pest, the computer will not start in safe mode, or may not even start !! What are you going to do at this point?

The virus removal pro learned how to "solution" to the problems that can cause infection. He knows how to use an external drive to backup your valuable data, then scan and clean viruses from your PC successfully. This expert also knows how to re-enable an internet connection to disable the malware and how to remove the annoying and difficult viruses can cause browsers to "re-direct" bad websites (sites that have more viruses).

the expert also knows how to reserve over the damage malware infection to return the computer back to "normal", especially when it removes hidden threats that most antivirus software will never detect. The same threats to steal passwords, credit card information, names and information, and so on; and then upload it to other spammers and thieves. To edit the hosts file is a way to reverse damage that malware and rogue manually remove files usually appear in the folder types, such as the "System32."

5) The ability to learn the reference data or instructions step by step

virus removal pro getting more difficult as you advance to be read prior to this article? I learned the "hard way" that it can take years of practical training – experienced different scenarios, there are many kinds of infections and behavior; and overcoming many of the issues experienced when removing viruses, to truly become a "pro".

A great deal of time is required, as well as the practical experience of many different computers to be experienced in tuning the PC to the level that existed before becoming infected. Tune up is needed after each removal of malware, largely due to the fact that most of infections may cause the computer to run the "slower" than it did prior to becoming infected.

tune is (among others): cleaning the registry, removes unnecessary programs from the start and turning off unnecessary Windows services, cleaning temporary files, tweak Windows settings for maximum speed and performance; and so on.

Source by Jarvis Edwards

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