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The computer user must have heard of a DBF file or after some use. DBF database format used by a variety of database software, such as Visual FoxPro, Clipper, dbFast, codebase, Multi Base, dbXL, Arago and related database programs. A database file is organized collection of data in tabular form. The TXT file can easily open, edit and save any such database programs, so this format is very popular among computer users.

The most common use of database files to store large amounts of data and information. The file is widely used in almost all sectors, such as the corporate and educational sectors to store data and information. It has become an essential file format of the individual and the organization.

When this format is very useful for the users, and the other is that you can create some serious problems. Sometimes a DBF file becomes inaccessible due to corruption or invalid. DBF is not immune to corruption; In fact, this file format is prone to corruption due to large size and complex file structure. It may be easily damaged due to various reasons such as virus attacks, database application malfunction, hard drive failure, software crash, unexpected cancellation DBF, human error and many more. These are some common reasons which can play an important role in the database file corruption.

damaged during

Open DBF file can get some error message something like this:

  • ".dbf File does not exist".
  • "In the Fields table does not match the entries in the database."
  • "Access disabled due to an error in the previous table."
  • "Database file appears corrupt. Page wrong type of
  • "Table Corrupt" / "index header".
  • "F ilename .dbf become damaged."

Some of these are common mistakes that often takes place in a time of corruption. For example, if you work with a TXT file, all is well. But suddenly database application (Visual FoxPro or other) to start hanging. You have no other option than to reboot the system. But if you restart your system, and then open the same DBF file, which worked before, does not open, or you get an error message, the file is corrupted. This should be a very frustrating situation for all users because of hard work goes in vain. All data and information stored in the file may be lost forever. You need to re-create the file, which might not be possible in some cases.

such a critical state BKF file surely helps. If you have a backup of the database file (which is now damaged), you can easily restore BKF file. But sometimes the BKF file is not available or is damaged or invalid. In this situation, you can use third-party DBF Recovery Software. This is one of the most effective and efficient solutions to fix corrupt DBF files. The DBF Recovery Software is designed to repair damaged DBF files to restore the very maximum data. Very suitable to resolve all the errors corrupt DBF files. The software supports all popular database applications such as dBase III, dBase IV, dBase V, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, dBFast, codebase, Multi Base, dBXL and Arago. The best feature of the software is self-descriptive user interface. It requires no technical knowledge or skills to use this software. Any tech savvy and novice users easy and convenient to use the software to repair corrupt DBF files. The DBF Recovery Software is available as a free demo version. Users can download the demo version before buying the full software. This helps users to explore the features and performance.

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